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Here's Another Look At Numis Network
Here's an interview I did with Mike Mezack and asked him two very important questions... Why Coins and will the supply ever run out?
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Internet Marketing 101 - "Basic Training" is an advertising training program that will show you how to get your ads out across the internet, as well as ways to run your business and stay connected with your team!

Here is a list of what you'll be trained on:

» Equipping Yourself With Essential Online Marketing Tools.
» Forum Marketing » Social Networking / Web 2.0
» Joint Venture Marketing » Article Marketing
» Writing Effective Ads » Pay Per Click Advertising
» Over 15 video tutorials » ...and more.

This is not some Private Label / Re-Branded E-Book, this is real up to date marketing training that was put together by a marketing master!

Use this bonus to place ads online and get people into your system, and make sales!
If you're already making thousands of dollars online right now, or if you're brand new, you'll benefit from this training!

Each of these volumes retail at $39.00 a piece, and you're getting all 7 for FREE!

You'll be trained on everything you need to get your ads out on the internet and in front of qualified people that will go through your system.

Each volume is a step by step training on multiple areas of internet marketing.

Placing banners, pay per click, forum marketing, social media, twitter marketing, branding yourself, pitfalls to avoid, and so much more!

In addition, each of the 7 volumes comes with a set of accompanying videos so you can watch over a master marketer's shoulder as he shows you what to do!
For 12 months, I'm going to give you access to a conference call where you'll be able to hear from seven figure earners that started right where you are today.

They have built their businesses from the ground up and are going to share their expertise with you. You'll be able to talk directly with them and ask them any questions that you may have.

They'll introduce you to emerging markets and show you how to capitalize on the latest trends.

Some of these mega-earners charge upwards of $497 for a 4 hour workshop, and you'll have monthly access to them directly for 12 months!

This is truly a business building bonus in every sense.
Making money on the Internet isn't the only thing that I've become very good at in the past 6 years. I've also formed strong relationships with some of the Internet's largest advertisers and traffic providers.

Not only are they some of the largest, but they are some of the Highest Quality companies that deliver the most qualified leads and prospects directly into my system for me.

You may be here right now as a direct result of one of these companies.

These companies are very hard to form relationships with because you have to buy their services in bulk, and the new guy starting out simply does not have this advantage.

The cost of setting up a campaign, just the set up fee alone, can run you $600 or more!

By getting started today, I'm going to allow you to piggyback on my current campaigns! You're not going to have to trial 10 different companies until you find the High Quality One. You're not going to spend a single dime on setup fees. You'll simply tap into my already running, high converting campaigns.

No other business owner or mentor is going to give you this, but I want you to succeed!
These Bonuses Will Allow You To Come In And Not Be Held Up In Any Way At All!
Get Your System And Start Advertising And Start Earning!
Larry, this is where you put my system to work for you, today!
Follow the instructions below and become a Numis Network Executive Rep., right now... and let's go to work and create a large stream of income for you in the next 60 - 90 days!
Numis Network Executive Rep. Package $495.00
» You'll benefit from $100 dollar commissions and have $100, $50, and $20 team overrides! (This Adds Up Quick!)
» You'll benefit from the residual binary pay plan! (Builds HUGE $$$ over time!)
» You'll get your first MS70 Silver Eagle delivered to your door by UPS Ground! You'll also get a professional collector's case with your purchase.
Step 1: Make Payment immediately by Credit Card below.
Complete the payment form below to complete your transaction. You'll receive immediate instructions on the next page on how to log in to your own system as well as how to claim your fast start bonuses. I've also placed a getting started guide in the member's only portion of the site, which you will have access to immediately after payment.
Step 2: Advertise YOUR System!
Your system will be activated immediately after payment. Jump into your bonuses, and get on the team training calls and start advertising your system!
Step 3: Smile, because your system is working for YOU!
I told you when you started this process that you'd never seen anything like this before and now it's time to prove it.
I am able to offer you this because I have spent the past 6 years creating the most advanced marketing systems in the direct marketing industry. My last system made over 10,000 sales and over $20,000,000 (yes 20 Million dollars) in revenue.

All I require of you: Join Numis as an Executive affiliate, make a 12 month commitment to your business, drive a minimum of 50 leads per month to your system (very easy), and attend the weekly community training calls.

You'll be in business for yourself but not by yourself. I'll be with you every step of the way. Make the decision to create the wealth and lifestyle you deserve. Get started today! This is a limited time offer.
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